CarePartners Connect

CarePartners Connect provides secure, online access through the internet to your subscriber information, any time you need it. Your program will experience many benefits with CarePartners Connect:

         Improve your customer service with case information at your fingertips.

         With improved operational efficiency, you'll have more time to market and grow.

         Eliminate the clutter of paper reports by viewing information online or saving electronically.

         Empower your program staff to identify issues before they become major problems.

         Have more control over the access and dissemination of information.

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Have a question on a subscriber's responder list or on a recent incident?

Now you have real time access to immediate answers through viewing a subscriber's:

         Care Plan Agreement and

         Case History report

Want an up to date subscriber list?

Key management reports available online are updated daily to help you manage your program more efficiently. Reports include:

         Subscriber lists

         Installation reports

         Deactivation reports

         Check-in Call Reports

         Case Summary Reports

         Plus, a historical record of these reports for prior months.

Accessing CarePartners Connect is easy.

CarePartners Connect makes it easy for you to get the information you need
Access CarePartners Connect through or through your resource for marketing and operations support,

With a common sense design, you can begin using the system with no training. View, print, save or download reports and data through a user-friendly interface, reducing the clutter of monthly paper reports.

Simply login and follow the directions on the screen to access your subscriber information. If you need more help, simply use the comprehensive online documentation available.

CarePartners Connect is Secure

Users will enter a secure site with a unique user name and password. You have secure access to view YOUR subscriber detail and can rest assured that no one else does who has not been approved by you.

Users will be allowed access to subscribers within their program only and you will have the control to limit each user's view as needed. All data transmissions are encrypted.

Enroll Today!

This is your chance to get the information you need, when you need it, to be fully informed about your subscribers. Simply submit the enrollment form either by email or fax. Within a few days, you will receive login information and be on your way to establishing a direct link to your subscriber data.