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For questions relating to the use and content of CarePartners Connect, contact Program Services.
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    Phone:  1-800-852-5433
    Fax:  1-508-988-1494
More Lifeline Contact Information
Department Phone # Fax/Email
  Program Services/Data Entry 1-800-852-5433 1-800-548-9280
  Subscriber Services 1-800-635-6156 1-888-820-2454
  Customer Sales 1-800-543-3546 extension 1 1-800-448-0107
  PROMlineTM Service 1-800-225-1503 1-508-988-3072
  Technical Support 1-800-451-0525 x1234 1-508-988-3072
  Order Management 1-800-451-0525 x1240 1-800-321-2052
  Financial Services 1-800-451-0525 x1444 1-508-988-1035
  Home Service Representatives 1-800-852-5433 1-888-820-2454
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